BullGuard: Antivirus with technological finesse

What makes BullGuard a different product from the rest is that several anti-viruses use the old time virus signature based technology to detect if the computer is prone to viruses? However, BullGuard makes use of a technology called behavioural detection. The technology is highly sophisticated showing the behaviour of the viruses. This way the registry can be traced, process can be screened, as well as network events can be kept track of. Thus, anti-virus can catch viruses easily and faster. Two razor edge technologies like behavioural and signature based technologies show results as soon as malicious code gets deciphered. It is being seen that layers are used for the purpose. Moreover, there is a complete team of technical support experts who might help you anytime you want them to. You might go online and ask for help, there won’t be any problem as the help comes on time. You might consult personnel as well. The issue would get resolved as soon as it gets detected. Faster, higher and stronger, keep your eye on your ball now!

“BullGuard Not working”

Post Installation, BullGuard might work fine however, some time later it might show that your net connection has suddenly stopped working, there could be numerous reasons for this. For this you need to open the BullGuard software and after selecting the Firewall option, you have to reach the Application Rules that is given as an icon. Before proceeding further make sure that Allow option is selected. Chances are that the software and the Net would start working now.

If there is an issue that you can’t connect to the internet, you might turn off the Firewall select Firewall is active present in the iconised form in the main window of the Firewall. You might contact the Technical support team to troubleshoot the issue further.

There might be another issue wherein BullGuard might not work as the Firewall might enquire as to which applications would be accessed if the Internet would be used? For this, what can be done is once the application has been selected you ought to tick on the option Remember my answer then aptly mark whether to allow or don’t allow options. This way you won’t be asked about whether the application is to be used or not, and net would work just fine.

Features of BullGuard:

There are some points in the favour of BullGuard: BullGuard is lightweight and powerful. It is a solution for internet safety can be used for Virtual private network, can be used by several workstations forming a company. Users might find it to be very comfortable to work with this kind of anti-virus; it has been seen in several cases. Anti-spam trait is very well liked by the end users. It is very fast and quite affordable software. In comparison to BullGuard this software is lighter.