BULLGUARD ANTI -VIRUS: Your Solution to a Thousand Problems

BullGuard Antivirus: what it is?

It is a well known antivirus, and protects your computer keeping it secure from several issues. It has inbuilt arrangement of safeguarding from malware, Rootkits from spyware, and Trojan horses. BullGuard is quite reliable, especially if browsing errors are there and viruses get downloaded as soon as downloading anything happens, any type of software, game or any other. Viruses then stay in the computer on the drive and cause errors. BullGuard protects the computer from all these various kinds of viruses. BullGuard services are there to answer all your queries. It provides you 24 x 7 all time online support is at your service. You would get all the services about the product as soon as possible. If you want consultation that is also made probable. Consultants make it possible for you to get reliable assistance and better online safety from spyware and malware et al.

Reinstalling BullGuard

Reinstalling BullGuard Installer is not a mundane task rather it is necessary under some conditions. What is to be done is to detect as to how many copies have been installed and then uninstall them automatically, before going to the flip side of the coin and reinstalling BullGuard systematically on your own.

BullGuard version on your desktop that acts as an application for the protection of your system can be downloaded using your BullGuard My Account portion just login, use your Username as well as password. Use the button for downloading that is given as per your account. This can be done, or you might use CD or DVD that you have bought from the vendors who are BullGuard certified or otherwise, you might go to the following links:

Directly download from
Bull Guard’s four parts:

  • Premium Protection
  • Internet security
  • Antivirus
  • Backup

After the final process to install Premium Protection or Internet Security is done, system has to be restarted post this Firewall mode installation has to be done. You have to stay assured that BullGuard is properly done.

The entire process how it happens:

The first window is Welcome window.
In the second step if you already have First version of BullGuard installed you have to uninstall it.

The uninstallation would be done in the background protecting your settings and preferences Post this you would get options like rebooting now or restart the system later. If you restart the system later, you would have to do it manually. After the restart the BullGuard installation on your system would resume, wait till it reaches 100 per cent. A quick scan would be run on your computer. You would be logged in to your account and BullGuard would start getting updates. A restart is required; if you want to finish updates you might manually restart later. In short, we can say that BullGuard is great antivirus software that makes your system free from all that is unwanted and all that hampers the progress of your computer.